Furthering our commitment to education, we are proud to offer the Middle Tennessee CCIM Mentorship Program. We have partnered with local CCIMs with established commercial real estate careers to help new designees and Chapter members new to commercial real estate establish relationships and navigate their first few years in the commercial real estate industry. Those new to the industry can learn so much from the experiences of seasoned professionals.


All mentees must join the Middle Tennessee CCIM Chapter, attend 3 Chapter events, and connect with their mentor monthly.

More Information

This Mentorship program will incorporate the mission of CCIM, "to elevate our members to the highest levels of success in the commercial real estate profession. To shape the commercial real estate industry by being the most influential, innovative, and internationally recognized organization”.

All of our Mentees will have a jump start on their careers by being paired with a seasoned CCIM designee who is successful in the industry. The Mentees will have opportunities to network and expand their sphere of influence. They will also have access to great education and information in our chapter events. At the end of our program, they should be set up for long-term success in commercial real estate and also have a clear path to the pin.

Interested in being a Mentor? If you have the CCIM Designation and 7 years of experience in the industry please send your resume to [email protected] .